Here is a bit of feed back from some of our clients
Here is a bit of feed back from some of our clients


I love to flip homes, I don't have much many though. I try to do at least one a year and my budget is usually around $150,000. I usually look for distressed properties that are cash deals only. I know I will have to put time money and materials into the place and still make a profit out the other end. Grace and Patrick always seem to lead me to the right properties.

Sugar Land, TX


I purchase properties all over the world. I have been a part of so many real estate deals. When I came to California, looking for investments. Grace Yang found for me the most beautiful historical home build in the city of San Marino in the 1930s. She also made the whole process one of the easiest and rewarding deals of my life. Negotiating a 3.5 million dollar deal on a 5 million dollar home. I only came to California once just to sign the paper work and I absolutely love the property.

Beijing, China


I was in a real bind, as a single woman hit really hard by the economy. My mortgage was almost a year behind, my property taxes were just about two years delinquent and my HOA had not been paid in months. I had notice after notice from the bank for foreclose. I knew I was about to lose my home, but what about my credit? How would I even rent without good credit? I was terrified! When I met Patrick, he saved me. I did lose my home, but I walked away free and clear with my credit intact!
I found Patrick and Grace to be very professional and a huge help in selling my home. I was extremely happy with their service and have recommended them to all my friends and family.

Burbank, CA